Pneumatic Series

  • What factors should be considered in the use and installation of cylinders?
    1. Environmental temperature.  High temperatures or low temperatures influence the cylinder and its components.

    2. Before installation, be sure connecting tubing is free of dust, excess glue, or other objects to prevent contaminants from entering into the cylinder.

    3. Air for operating cylinders should go through filtration before use.
    4. Prior to initial use of cylinder it is best to perform a no-load test. Before starting, adjust the cushion to a minimum then slowly release to prevent damage upon sudden impact.

    5. Operating cylinders should not be put under lateral forces in order to maintain normal function and cylinder life.

  • How to choose pneumatic cylinders and what factors should be considered?
    1. Supplied air pressure(MPa) at the source

    2. Cylinder design: Double Acting or Single Acting

    3. Mounting arrangement

    4. Cylinder output, bore, stroke, and speed
    5. Requires cushions or magnet installation

    6. Consideration of work-site environment, e.g.: temperature, air contaminants and dust, corrosivity, surface vibration
    7. Space constraints

    8. Air flow and consumption

    9. Packaging or material requirements