Company Profile

HINAKA Fluid Power CO.,LTD, “HINAKA”, founded in 1988, established its own brand and self-emerged designs for the evolution of new high-quality pneumatic and hydraulic components. In addition to an exceptional design team, HINAKA tailored its own manufacturing, assembly, service, and quality control departments. HINAKA has over 29 years experience with pneumatic and hydraulic drives having its first production at the time of the initiation of the Japanese Technical Cooperative. Over 100 kinds of products have been launched with domestic and international patents obtained.

HINAKA, under the leadership of Chen Hsin Feng, received ISO-9001 certification in November 2000, continuously upholds high principles for self-improvement in research and design, manufacturing, sales, service, and business philosophy. Implementing this policy of high quality improves product standards to match customer needs. HINAKA has provided high-quality products in domestic markets as well as internationally to Japan, Germany, Italy, and other countries. Our sincere service and excellent quality is increasingly pursued.

Pneumatic and hydraulic components and equipment are the basic building blocks in a wide range of industries like manufacturing processes, semiconductor production machinery, biotechnology instruments, construction tooling, or traditional agricultural apparatuses, etc. Whatever the application, if it needs automation and labor-saving tools, it must be driven by fluid power (pneumatic and hydraulic) devices. According to the Taiwan Fluid Power Association (TPFA), there is an increasing demand of 1.2 billion dollars (TWD) per year. Production in Taiwan only accounts for 1% of worldwide production; an indication of much room for potential advancement.

HINAKA has an optimistic look into the future for research and design, quality, service, and other aspects as HINAKA and affiliated companies meet customer needs and provides excelling service as a result of its perseverance in being progressive—striving for perfection.


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